Right Paper for Business cards (one and two sided)

No app (or LinkedIn) has quite replaced the need for business cards. I've been to enough networking events and realise that it's definitely a lot more sincere to show your business card (a nicely done one of course), rather than a smart phone. These cards tend to be in heavy use (and stuck with a swollen wallet), so the paper should be stable. Some of the common paper stocks we've seen it being used:

  • 250 gsm art paper (silk finish)
  • 250 gsm art paper (gloss finish)
  • 280 gsm postcardboard (a matt finish)
  • 300 gsm art paper (silk finish)
  • 300 gsm art paper (gloss finish)
  • 350 gsm postcardboard
  • 400 gsm art paper (silk finish)
  • 400 gsm art paper (gloss finish)

If you've got a nice photograph of yourself on your card, a silk/gloss finish will do your image favour. However, more and more, we see people liking the minimalist matt finish -- a modern, clean feel to the card. Gloss finish tends to feel arcade, but that's to the eye of the beholder. 

And finally, just before you run away getting those box for $10 deals, consider again the impression you want to leave in the wallet and hands of your client -- in the stack of other name cards.

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