Print Isn't Dead...

In a world of iPads and S-Pens, emails and e-cards, it's a wonder why print is not dead. Reality is, the more this fast-paced, pressure-cooked world is digital, 
the more we have grown to appreciate that print magazine that drops into our mailbox - we totally believe in what Vladimir Gendelman shared. When was the last time you junked an e-newsletter versus junking a newsletter in the mailbox?


615.9 tons of paper every year.

(Don't worry; they are mostly recycled)

PCL Printers was established since 1982 and since then, we have printed 20,000 projects.
Started as a supporting arm of our publishing company, Pioneers & Leaders (Publishers) Pte Ltd,
we understand what it means to turn ideas, thoughts and content into print
that we would all be proud to place in the hands of others.