The greatest joy for us has always been able to put to print incredible thoughts, ideas and stories so that the content can impact the many lives who would then want to read it, because of that first glance of the book. 

When approached by Write Editions to print this book "The Good God", we felt both excited and humbled -- excited by a very simple title, humbled by the requirements of the book. Orange peel, spot-UV, recycled paper. It wasn't the usual book we printed, but we were all thrilled to be able to try the unique effects that print can bring about. At the heart of the experience in reading the book, in holding the book -- the entire team wanted to make sure it communicated goodness. Hence, we particularly light the photo on this post -- the reflection of the warm sunlight on the cover page. 

The book was the author's own journey in discovering what happened at the Cross. It re-educated the Christians and non-Christians alike, how an exhilarating and intimate relationship with Jesus can be. And the effort the author and book publisher put into the book design and print definitely showed that.

Together with the book publisher, we painstakingly chose the right colour and texture for the inside pages. The beige recycled paper was smooth, non-glaring, and allowed the text to be sharp and clear. Just what you need for the long dive through the pages.


And rather than having pages of introduction, the publisher kept the essential and key information about the book, the author, at the cover flaps. To ensure that the photographs look great despite being printed with the orange peel finishing, the spot UV helped to differentiate the photograph from the paper.